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David Balfour

My name is David Balfour. I graduated from the University of Pretoria (UP), South Africa, in 2008. Since my high school years, I’ve been interested in technical charts, which gave me a perfect foundation to pursue my trading dreams. Now, for the past five years, aside from my main job as an engineer, I’ve been getting additional income trading the financial markets. When I’m not trading, I’m either watching sports or playing golf with my friends and family. I also watch lots of Tv shows. I love good food and travel a lot, so yeah, those too. Above all, I really love to trade.

During my many years of trading, I’ve used several trading platforms. These platforms promise a lot from my discovery, but they don’t quite deliver on their promises. However, after endless trials, I’ve finally settled on Binomo. Unlike many other trading platforms out there, Binomo is clearly client-oriented and has been working for more than seven years. The platform boasts of several resources aimed at helping new traders hone their skills before trading with real funds. 

I particularly like the FFT mechanics and trading tools offered by the platform. It makes trading very understandable and convenient. You can place your trades in four simple steps. After years of dedicated research under my belt, I’ve been able to conjure up strategies and other helpful tips for trading. This year it’s my third year trading on the Binomo platform, so I’ve had enough time to build my own strategies for correct market predictions. 

In order to avoid the mistakes that I have made over the years of trading in the financial markets, I will share with you essential tips from my rich experience. To this end, I’ve written a few articles to guide your every step. Reach out to me on how to get started; you’re welcome.

I’d like you to know that even with my expertise and wealth of experience, I’m not immune to the risk of losing funds. However, with the help of the demo account available on Binomo, I can further develop my trading and money management skills and eventually reduce losses to the barest minimum.