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All you need to know about Binomo bonuses


Binomo is a popular online trading platform, which is available in more than 130 countries. This platform offers a variety of incentives to its clients, including Binomo bonuses: coupons, codes, etc. Let’s find out how they are helpful for traders.

What is the Binomo bonus?

binomo free bonus
Binomo bonus is a benefit that allows you to improve and enhance your trading potential. This platform offers five different types of bonuses. By adding Binomo bonuses to your real account, you can get the following incentives:

  • increase your deposit with a bonus;
  • use a no-deposit bonus;
  • use a coupon/code;
  • activate risk-free trades.

For further information regarding available bonuses, you can refer to the “Bonuses” section on the Binomo trading screen. Apart from this, you can also check your trading turnover and progress by visiting this section.

Policy, Terms, and Conditions

binomo bonus terms and conditions
About the general terms and conditions of the Binomo bonuses, the trading platform is not liable for the acts or omissions of the client while using this platform. In case of a dispute, the client holds the right to contact support.

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If the client isn’t satisfied with such service or can’t resolve the issue, the next step is to forward the dispute to the “Dispute Resolution Department”. Furthermore, submitting valid and authentic documents is every client’s responsibility.

Types of bonuses

Here are the five different types of bonuses offered by Binomo:

  1. welcome bonus;
  2. bonus coupon or code;
  3. deposit bonus;
  4. non-deposit bonus;
  5. risk-free trades.
  • Welcome bonus

This bonus is offered once you have created a new account with Binomo. It is accessible within 30 minutes of account creation.

The welcome bonus is capable of increasing your investment by 25%. This Binomo free bonus is for every new client. It is a good opportunity to increase your first deposit by a quarter.

  • Bonus coupon or code

binomo coupon
There are three different ways of getting a Binomo coupon or a promo code:

  1. VIP status traders can receive coupons and codes via a personal manager.
  2. Through a newsletter or as a promo code or coupon (on promo page).
  3. On Binomo’s social media pages, i.e., Facebook or Instagram.

You can use the Binomo coupon and deposit bonus together and, for example, get up to 100% or more when you deposit funds.

  • Deposit bonus

deposit bonus
The deposit bonus is available upon depositing funds to your Binomo account. The value of this particular bonus relies on your deposited amount.

A higher deposited amount means a more significant bonus value. Apart from this, the value of the deposit bonus also changes depending on the type of Binomo account:

  • Standard – up to 100% on a deposit.
  • Goldup to 150% on a deposit.
  • VIP – up to 200% on a deposit.
  • Non-deposit bonus

binomo no deposit bonus
A fixed amount is instantly added to your real account without depositing any funds with this type of bonus. This bonus also includes insurance (for VIP clients) and offering a certain amount as a gift through email.

You can access the no deposit bonus through any of these two methods:

  1. VIP traders can get it through a personal manager.
  2. As a promo, e.g., via a newsletter.

In addition, deposit insurance is also available to the privileged Binomo traders. If the balance of your real account drops to zero, a certain amount of your investment will be refunded or compensated. The value of such compensation relies on the deposited amount.

  • Risk-free trades

Risk-free trade involves a fixed number of trades with a predefined investment amount. This type of trade usually is available to clients with VIP status through a personal manager.

The funds will be added to the real account if everything goes well. However, in case of an unsuccessful trade, the balance available in your real account won’t be affected.

Are bonuses withdrawn from the balance?

withdraw bonus
The bonuses are added to your Binomo account depending on the promotional programs for the time being conducted by the company. The amount of a bonus is usually by the specific conditions of a promotional program. Besides, it also depends on the deposit made by the client, i.e., the Binomo deposit bonus.

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The bonuses aren’t referred to as a financial obligation of the Binomo. After activation, the bonus is available for withdrawal only when you complete the “Mandatory Trading Turnover”. Mandatory Trading Turnover considers profitable and losing trades in calculations.

Final words about Binomo bonuses

Binomo is a trusted online trading platform offering its clients a wide range of bonuses. However, the trading operations may involve significant risks. Hence, make sure to analyze your financial capabilities before using this online trading platform.

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